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  • Malmsten equipment to Baku


    Malmsten is pleased to send equipment for the...

  • Malmsten equipment to Kazan



    As Official Supplier for ...

  • HabaWaba tournament


    In the summer of 2014, Malmsten was the proud...




Malmsten is equipping aquatic venues worldwide!

Baku 1st European Games
Malmsten is pleased to send equipment for the competition pools for swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming. We are also sending a technical support team for 7 weeks; to ensure proper installation and perfect functioning during the 1st European Games Baku2015 and all the test events.

FINA World Championships in Kazan
As Official Supplier for FINA since 2009, Malmsten is supplying competition equipment for the pools for swimming, water polo and for open water. We will have our support personnel in place during the event.

Made in Sweden

Quality control and continued research and development are important to us. We purchased new location in Åhus to expand our production capacity of racing lane lines.

Water Polo equipment

Field of play, goals, referee catwalk and more are being sent for the exciting Final Six in Barcelona end of May.

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Official Supplier for FINA.

In the pools of 8 Olympic Games, most FINA World Championships...and counting.

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